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27 February 2017

Make Your Mark – A Collaborative Artwork At Archangel

Celebrating International Women’s Day – 8 March 2017

“Drawing provides a common ground for communication. It engages us on an emotional and spiritual level. It can evoke memories, it can elicit feelings, it can shed light on life’s impulses – on death, love, power, play, intellectual pursuits, work on our dreams and emotions.” (DRAWING – A Contemporary Approach)


Ladies, Archangel invites you to celebrate International Women’s Day at Archangel.  Participate in fun day and the creation of a large collaborative artwork. Whether you are 90 or 19 years with no experience in art or the accomplished artist – we invite you to join us – we will provide the materials – all we want is for you to come with your friends and MAKE YOUR MARK. The resulting collaborative composition will remain on view to our visitors for all to enjoy.

Afterwards, we invite you to relax on the terrace overlooking the vines and enjoy a glass of wine and a shared charcuterie platter. The Picasso (Charcuterie and Cheese) or Matisse (Cheese) platters can be pre-ordered online at

WHEN:          Wednesday 8 March 2017: 12pm onwards

WHERE:        Archangel Vineyard, 68 Queensberry Terrace, Queensberry (15mins from Wanaka on State Highway 6, (on SH6 turn off at Willowbank Road)

For more information contact Mary:
Mb: 027 661 1015
Ph: 03 443 4347

1 January 2015

A Perfect Celebration

They say that when you’ve found the perfect setting it makes way for the perfect celebration and that’s what Zin found when he celebrated his birthday with friends at Archangel Vineyard.

Not a cloud in the sky, the group of friends began their afternoon with a tasting of award-winning Archangel wines – what better way to taste wine than in the place where they were grown! A delicious Afternoon Tea followed – platters of dainty sandwiches and handmade cakes.

With the vines making an ideal backdrop, Zin and his friends were able to sit back, relax and enjoy good wine, good food and good friendship in the most perfect setting – making this special occasion one to remember.

7 May 2014

Through Artist’s Eyes

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.”

John Updike

These days I approach life with a sense of creative purpose. I am both a vigneron (someone who cultivates a vineyard for winemaking) and an artist – I cannot separate the two. As my life becomes more entrenched in the world of wine I realise that to stand out and be noticed, creativity is not something you do intermittently – instead, creativity becomes a way of life.

Like most artists (and winemakers) I like to express myself through my work. For me, the vineyard offers simple wonder and gratitude – a ‘timelessness’ that tells our story – it is this story that I weave through my art and wine.

The commonalities of art and wine are apparent – both engage our senses, evoking emotional if not mystical experiences. So what happens when you pair art with wine – well, not only is it a memorable experience, it becomes a portal to the aesthetic. I was recently invited to pair my art and wine at a degustation ‘Long Lunch’ at the Nice Hotel and Table Restaurant in New Plymouth. I would like to thank Terry, his creative chefs and staff for an absolutely memorable day. To our guests and lovers of wine, art and all things good – thank you, for your enthusiasm, your conversation and your laughter. It made me realise that art and wine together, can offer a greater range of enjoyment and appreciation – it can leave us feeling truly connected, but most of all, it is fun!

Archangel Vineyard – Where our wine is born and where the art series ‘Moments’ was inspired. Enjoy!