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4 October 2017

The ‘Summer Series’ at Archangel

ARCHANGEL Summer Series – Sunday Lunchtime Dining

Sunday’s have never sounded so good in Central Otago.  ARCHANGEL and MORSEL are joining forces to offer its guests an unforgettable food and wine experience near Wanaka.

We look forward to welcoming you at Archangel for a Summer Series of  Sunday lunchtime dining. Enjoy a relaxed, multi-course, share-style menu inspired by regional flavours and textures.

Let us introduce you to our exciting collaboration partners!

MORSEL is formed of two halves. Kate Morse and Eliot Thomas. With a combined experience of over 30 years working in restaurants, cafes and bars they know their onions.​

​Kate cut her teeth in wine bars in Auckland city where she developed a huge sense of curiosity for the world of wine. Taking this to London she spent three years managing one of the top wine bars of the city, The 10 Cases. This unique and innovative wine bar pushed her knowledge of wine, food and service within a thriving professional environment.

​Eliot was always going to be a great chef. His Fijian roots meant that his childhood was centred around a love for fresh ingredients and big flavours. He honed his craft working on superyachts around the world being able to work with unlimited budgets and special ingredients. Then in London he was apprenticed by the fantastic Stevie Parle at the Dock Kitchen and went on to be Head Chef at Craft London. Here he ran a bakery, butchery, smoke house, bee hives, vegetable patches and pickle room and incorporated all of these into menus for the restaurant.

They moved to Wanaka in March 2017 bringing this passion for quality with them. The focus is on honest, delicious food that stands out from the rest. Local ingredients and seasonality are the most important factors to creating the perfect dish.​

They aim to design plates of food which are modern, innovative and delicious, after all why would you pay for boring food?

It’s a Sunday Summer Series not to be missed – and what better way to enjoy the perfect lunchtime gathering than in a picture-perfect setting overlooking the vines with great food and wine?  Archangel and Morsel look forward to hosting you from early November onwards for a ‘Summer Series’ of food and wine at Archangel Vineyard – just 15 minutes out of Wanaka.  Booking details to follow soon.

18 July 2017


Family Dinner 1

Here’s to my parents – “Thanks for raising me – I really appreciate it!”

Life wasn’t that tough for me but then again I knew better than to ask for too much. Christmas was one gift – but always something I wanted – a kitten, a Barbie doll… Sunday dinner was always a family gathering around a large oak table neatly covered in pressed white linen. We would all help prepare and share a hearty meal of meat, potatoes and vegetables with pudding to follow – Sometimes a small glass of sherry, but mostly on special occasions. In the background the radiogram would play soft music and on occasion we would listen to The Clitheroe Kid and laugh as we could only imagine the cheeky schoolboy’s antics. Simple days and fond memories!

The idea of a family dinner has always been important – being together and enjoying each other’s company through good food, good drink (nowadays wine), good conversation and laughter – it feeds us emotionally and creates a connectedness. Apart from bringing us together, a family meal is an enjoyable experience that can instil great values in our children – a special time when stories are shared and most of all, when treasured memories are made.

So what’s at the very heart of Archangel – well of course it’s family!

Here’s one of my family’s favourite meals – it’s simple to make and simply delicious!


2kg fillet beef
1/2cup of softened butter
4 cloves of garlic (crushed)
Salt & pepper
Fresh mushrooms
1 bouillon beef OXO cube
1 cup of Archangel Pinot Noir

Ice fillet of beef with butter, garlic, salt & pepper. Crumble beef OXO cube into the wine wine and set aside. Cook the meat in a moderate oven at 190 – 200 degrees celsius for approximately 50 minutes. After 30 minutes place mushrooms over the meat and baste in red wine with OXO cube. Continue to baste wine over meat regularly (every 5 minutes). Take out of the oven and let rest for 10 minutes.

Serve with your favourite vegetables and glass of Archangel Pinot Noir.

Enjoy with your family!

10 February 2011

Romancing the Pinot Noir

Three handsome Australian men, Central Otago Pinot Noir and sumptuous cuisine – what more could a girl ask for? This was Feast Restaurant in Cromwell just a week ago – a dinner hosted by Central Otago Winegrowers for three visitors from Melbourne. Our special guests for the evening were Ben Edwards, Chris Crawford and Dan Sims – sommeliers, matchmakers, composers of the finest wine and exquisite cuisine. They came to share their passion – their new wine venture, Pinot Unearthed.

Their charm and infectious enthusiasm would captivate any audience. Somewhat smitten by these handsome young men, I listened intently as Ben spoke of their wine journey and how all three had fallen passionately in love – with Pinot Noir that is. It was going to be an interesting evening given the vast number of Pinot Noirs sitting on the table.

So what is it about Pinot Noir that arouses such strong emotions? This fickle grape variety with its temperamental nature, often described as the ‘heartbreak’ grape – and can see the viticulturist, winemaker (not to mention the vineyard owner) delve into the depths of despair. But they often say that nothing worthwhile is easy and Pinot Noir is one of these things. At the Pinot Noir Celebration (27-29 Jan 2011), guests and enthusiasts from as far a way as Sweden and Scotland descended into the resort town of Queenstown to embrace all things Pinot Noir. Wine lovers seduced, waxing lyrical about this elusive grape variety. Pinot Noir more than any other wine, has the power to seduce and arouse the senses in a physical, emotional and spiritual way. With the alluring notes of “earthy, truffle, gamey”, Pinot Noir’s aromas have been likened to human pheromones – those that stimulate sexual attraction.

So it’s no wonder that so many of us have been captivated by this enchanting wine variety with its rather capricious personality. Like Ben, Chris and Dan (the three sommeliers), there will be many others that will follow a similar path – a journey in search of the “holy grail of wine” that we call Pinot Noir. Whether it’s the romance ‘of the wine’ or ‘in the wine’, for me it doesn’t really matter – With Valentines Day just around the corner I know I will be kissed by an angel – Archangel Pinot Noir that is – a memorable way to celebrate this romantic occasion!